1st CERAMICS JAPAN: Highly-functional Ceramics Expo

The show will be held under the scope of “Highly-functional Material World 2016” which consists of highly-functional film/plastic/metal shows, providing a new business platform for advanced ceramics professionals who seek business opportunities and networks especially in Japan and Asia. In order to enhance the quality of the show, they have welcomed the Japan Fine Ceramics Association as a coorganiser for the show. Through the cooperation, the show will provide high quality business opportunities for exhibitors and contribute to the development of advanced ceramics industry. Highly-functional Material World consist of four specialised shows, 7th FilmTech JAPAN – Highly-functional Film Expo, 5th PLASTIC JAPAN – Highly-functional Plastic Expo, 3rd METAL JAPAN – Highly-functional Metal Expo and 1st CERAMICS JAPAN – Highly-functional Ceramics Expo. 


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