3DCERAM Enhances its Range with a New 3D Printing Technology

3DERAM Sinto/FR is pleased to announce that it has become the majority shareholder of the Berlin-based start-up Tiwari Scientific Instruments/DE, which becomes 3DCERAM Sinto Tiwari.

Tiwari Scientific Instrument was created in 2019 within the ESA (European Space Agency) ecosystem, and masters all the steps of FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printing for metals and ceramics: selection of filaments, design for FFF, manufacturing of parts, design and construction of printers with a first machine, the Raptor, as well as debinding and sintering.

The 3DCERAM Sinto group is acquiring a stake in this German start-up with the aim of integrating the FFF technology, which corresponds to its goal to offer its customers the technology best suited to their requirements and fit for integration in Factory 4.0.

Indeed, this new acquisition by the Sinto group is part of its development program entitled M.A.T. (Multi Advanced Technologies), which is intended to serve the objectives of a new type of additive and intelligent manufacturing, which will be organised in networks and will essentially be digital. This program aims to respond to the imperatives of ecology, sustainable development, technicality, precision and proximity by offering a new way of considering the production of parts.

It is our responsibility as a supplier of 3D printing processes and machines to open new ways of manufacturing and new production plans. 3DCeram Sinto is working on this every day.

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