Great Britain/China

The new trading company, now located in larger premises in Shanghai, was established to better serve the needs of Goodfellow’s rapidly growing Chinese customer base. Goodfellow opened its Shanghai Representative Office in 2006, at a time when the Goodfellow name was virtually unknown in China, other than by scientists who had had the good fortune to travel to international conferences, and when sales of the company’s products into the country were little more than zero. Today, tens of thousands of customers in education, research and high-tech production, including both Chinese companies and foreign companies based in China, have made Goodfellow one of the most recognised brands for the supply of specialist materials in the country. Now, after only a year in existence as a WFOE, the Shanghai Office is a significant contributor to the Goodfellow Group’s turnover and profits, while providing a valuable service to Chinese researchers and industrial companies.


Phone: +49 7221 502 200