Kyocera Invests in New Production Plant

The company entered into a site location agreement with local governments, and a signing ceremony was held 16 March at the Satsumasendai Municipal Office in the presence of the Governor of Kagoshima Prefecture and Mayor of Satsumasendai. Construction started in April 2018 for the new plant, which will be the 22nd facility at Kyocera’s Kagoshima Sendai manufacturing complex.
The new facility, which Kyocera plans to open in August 2019, will bring a 25 % increase in the company’s total production capacity for ceramic packages used to house surface mounted electronic devices and complementary metal oxide image sensors.
The electronics industry is now experiencing new growth fueled by big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The development of Advanced Driver-Assist Systems (ADAS) and technology that supports minimally invasive medical treatments will drive future growth as well. The new Sendai facility will significantly increase Kyocera’s production capacity for two key enablers of these applications – SMD ceramic packages and packages to house CMOS image sensors – as well as ceramic packages for automotive and medical devices.


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