Lithoz Turns a Vision into Ceramic Reality: Mass Production via Ceramic 3D Printing at formnext

At formnext 2022, Lithoz/AT will present the answer to disrupting the ceramic industry by levelling up profitable mass production in 3D printing. You will be able to not only see, but even touch and feel the smooth and crack-free industrial parts on display, proving how the plug-and-play scalability of their CeraFab S65 ceramic 3D printer has opened the door to a new dimension of complex, 3D-printed high-performance ceramics. Lithoz offers a vast range of ceramic materials for every application, with this unique technology increasing productivity to the highest possible levels and enabling unmatched precision in additively manufactured ceramic parts. 

Also on show in a live demonstration will be their compact entry-level model, the CeraFab Lab L30, which has enabled easier access to the field than ever. The formnext premiere of Lithoz´s LIS (Laser-Induced Slipcasting) technology used by the CeraMax Vario V900 printer will provide an opportunity to experience large, fully dense ceramic parts with thick walls. This innovative new process can even process dark ceramic material, making it a valuable new addition for any innovator. 

Cutting-edge developments in ceramic Additive Manufacturing for medicine and dentistry will also be on show, such as the world premiere of the new LithaBone HA 480 medical material which will showcase revolutionary, patient-specific bone replacement implants made from bioresorbable ceramic. Finally, 3D-printed dental restorations made using lithium disilicate will be a key attraction for visitors, showcasing the exceptional aesthetic closeness of these parts to real teeth and highlighting them as the next major innovation in dentistry.

Visit Lithoz at formnext: Hall 11.1 / Booth D39.


Phone: +49 7221 502 200