Meeting Point Technical Ceramics – Fast Track to Innovation

This SME instrument addresses the financing needs of European SMEs in developing high-risk and high-potential innovation ideas. The SME instrument targets all types of innovative SMEs. The intervention logic of the SME instrument is based on excellent business innovation plans. The scheme will support projects (EUR 1 – 3 million), bottom-up, and a single company support will be possible. Nevertheless, networks of ceramic manufacturers and their system partners will have high potential to be successful. Projects can be organized in steps. Concept and feasibility assessment can become supported by a lump sum of up to EUR 50 000. The funding for following R&D activities is up to EUR 2,5 million. In another part 100 proposals with an expected budget of around EUR 200 million are foreseen to be funded under the new pilot action FTI. Proposals can become discussed at the meeting point ceramic. TASK/DE will search for necessary partners in industry and research.


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