Metso Outotec Launched Compact AC filter for Advanced Organics Removal in Battery Metals Processes

Metso Outotec/FI is launching the Activated Carbon (AC) filter for efficient recovery and recycling of valuable battery chemicals. The energy- and water-efficient AC filter responds to the market’s increasing demand for advanced and sustainable battery metals processing technologies and is part of Metso Outotec’s Planet Positive portfolio.

“This launch will strengthen our capability to serve a large variety of industries and processes. Together with the Dual Media (DM) filter, Metso Outotec now has a complete filtration portfolio for Solvent Extraction (SX), Electrowinning (EW) and crystallization processes. We have strong know-how from the hydrometallurgical industry with more than 50 successful filtration solutions references from SX and crystallization processes globally,” said Mika Vuorikari, Director of Industrial Filtration at Metso Outotec.

The modular AC filtration technology is designed for smaller side streams of copper and other metal-loaded aqueous streams. It is specifically suited for efficient organics removal before the electrowinning and crystallization processes. The AC filter utilizes the already proven design and operation philosophy of the Metso Outotec DM filter product family and is suitable for both greenfield and brownfield installations.

Benefits of the AC filter:

  • Increased end-product yield and quality
  • Increased recovery and recycling of valuable process chemicals
  • Cost-effective and modular design
  • Low energy consumption, due to low pumping pressure
  • Minimized water consumption with optimized back washing
  • Safe to use and operate, due to sealed pressure vessel and piping


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