Nabaltec AG’s 2017 Annual Meeting in Amberg

The shareholders approved the joint recommendation from the Management and Supervisory Boards with regard to the appropriation of earnings by a large majority. Accordingly, the shareholders adopted a dividend of EUR 0,15 per share, paid out on 30 June 2017. The residual retained profit, in the amount of EUR 11 013 279,78, will be carried forward to new account, and will therefore be retained by the company to support its policy of sustained growth. In addition to discharging the Management and Supervisory Board and electing an auditor for 2017, the shareholders also approved the election of the Supervisory Board, as Dr Dieter J. Braun and Prof. Dr-Ing. Jürgen G. Heinrich were reelected to five-year terms in the Supervisory Board. Gerhard Witzany, formerly Member of the Management Board of Nabaltec AG, was also elected to the Supervisory Board. The shareholders also approved changes to Supervisory Board remuneration.


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