New VDI Technical Committee

The first guideline – concerning ceramics – will be published in May 2020. The guideline VDI 3405 part 8.1 gives specific design recommendations for the Additive Manufacturing of ceramic components based on general design recommendations for ceramic materials. In particular, the shrinkage occurring during sintering is taken into account. The guideline is addressed to product engineers and designers who want to use components made of ceramic materials. This guideline provides the necessary basic knowledge of ceramic components and the special possibilities of Additive Manufacturing of ceramics. No detailed previous knowledge in these areas is necessary.

The above-mentioned guideline was developed by a working group chaired by Dr Wolfgang Kollenberg (WZR ceramic solutions GmbH/DE) in the Technical Committee “Additive Manufacturing – Design Recommendations”. Further guidelines in the field of ceramics are to follow. Therefore, the Advisory Board 1 “Production Technology and Manufacturing Processes” of the VDI-GPL decided at its meeting on 03.02.2020 to transfer the previous Working Group to a new Technical Committee 105.3 “Additive Manufacturing – Ceramics”.

The next task is to draw up a guideline for the determination of process- and material-specific characteristic values of additively manufactured samples that describe the properties of real components in a way that is suitable for practical use. These characteristic values will in particular also simplify the design of components and the numerical simulation of their properties. Interested parties are invited to participate in the new FA 105.3 “Additive Manufacturing – Ceramics”.

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