PI Innovation: Lucius ­Amelung from PI miCos Changes over to the Management Board of the New ­Company

Lucius Amelung has been the Managing Director of the newly founded PI Innovation GmbH since 1 July 2018. The foundation of the new company underlines PI’s commitment to continued progress and growth. The main objective of PI Innovation GmbH in the age of Industrie 4.0 and digitisation is to be in a position to identify market trends and customer demands much earlier, and put this knowledge into developing technology and innovative products.
Lucius Amelung takes on this new challenge with a great deal of pleasure and enthusiasm. In order to put the same energy into the interests of the new company as he did for PI miCos, he now hands over to Dr Peter Schittenhelm after 28 years of successful management.
Dr Schittenhelm will take on this function in conjunction with his responsibilities as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the PI Group. In addition to Lucius Amelung, Markus Spanner, Managing Dir­ector Finance and Controlling (CFO) of the PI Group, will also be a member of the General Management of PI Innovation GmbH.
During the course of the change in the General Management, PI (Physik Instrumente) GmbH & Co. KG also acquired the remaining shares of PI miCos, and this means that the company will now be a wholly-owned subsidiary.
PI miCos will be reinforced, and further developed into a center of expertise for motorised positioners within the PI Group. In this way, potential for growth is to be exploited to meet the increased requirements from industry for precision automation.


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