Plastics engineering


Plastics are polymer materials. They are usually categorized in the three large groups: thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers.

In plants and machinery for the production of products made of plastics, components made of high-quality technical ceramics are used mainly in positions where they are exposed to high stresses as a result of mechanical wear both during the moulding processes and the machining of products.

Other performance characteristics of components made from technical ceramics that recommend them for use in plastics technology are:

  • High edge stability
  • High hardness
  • High mechanical resistance to compression and impact
  • High dimensional stability even in changing temperatures
  • Ra values of 0.1 µm and less for surfaces that are in contact with other materials
  • Realizability of force-fit, form-fit and adhesively bonded ceramic-metal combinations

Precision components made of high-purity, dense-sintered oxide and non-oxide ceramics are proven machine and equipment components in plastics technology today. Thanks to their long service lifetime and reliability in operating conditions, they allow economic and cost-efficient production.

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