Noliac’s Damage Tolerant Piezo ­Actuator Stack Provides High Reliability

This results in high reliability. Standard piezo actuator stacks are very reliable. However, if one ceramic element in a standard piezo actuator stack is damaged, the whole stack will fail in short circuit. The fuse technology in Noliac’s damage tolerant stacks, on the other hand, fuses out any damaged ceramic element and the remaining ceramic elements continue to operate. All industries want their applications to have a high level of reliability. However, some industries are more sensitive to reliability than others. Naturally, there are several critical applications, for instance in the aerospace or space industry or for in­dus­trial equipment, where reliability is ­vital. Here, an unplanned stop caused by a breakdown of the application is both time consuming and expensive. Thanks to the technology of the damage tolerant stacks, the application keeps working and only declines gradually instead of stopping suddenly. The fuse technology in the damage tolerant stacks is therefore an effective way to ensure high reliability. The standard product range of the damage tolerant stacks consists of plate actuator stacks with an operating voltage of 200 V. The plate stacks can be delivered in a wide range of heights. The fuse technology of the damage tolerant stacks can be applied to actuator stacks of other cross-sections than the standard product range as custom solutions.

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