QSIL AG Expanding its Expertise in Hot Isostatic Pressing

The standard grades of ceramic materials produced by QSIL/DE already offer outstanding properties compared with other materials and are regarded as a benchmark in many applications. Now the QSIL Group is going a step further and further expanding its capacity and expertise in Hot Isostatic Pressing(HIP). With its investment in a new large-volume HIP, the company can now produce larger sizecomponents. Commissioning is scheduled for the end of the year. Both the nonoxide and oxide ceramics divisions, but primarily the Quartz Glass Division of the QSIL Group will profit from this. Ceramic products can therefore also profit from this manufacturing technology. Their mechanical characteristics can be improved and their variation limited, as the number and extent of defects in materials are reduced with the implementation of this technology. Higher compressive and tensilestrength result, while fracture toughness is also improved. Furthermore, better surface quality can be achieved in hard machining. The investment enables QSIL to extend HIP to larger components and to offer this manufacturing technology on a contract basis.


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