SGL Group Concentrates Carbon Fiber Production

The production lines in Muir of Ord have been upgraded over the last two years to be capable of producing 24k carbon fibers which have been manufactured solely in Evanston (Wyoming/US) before. Therefore, SGL Group has decided to sell its carbon fiber production site in Evanston with approximately 50 employees to Mitsubishi Rayon Carbon Fibers & Composites Inc., a US-based subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon Corporation (MRC). A respective contract has been signed end of December 2016. Closing is expected by April 2017. Any business as well as the customer accounts from Evanston site will be taken over by the other SGL entities. The transaction has a non-material positive impact on the financial statements of SGL Group, primarily in 2016.
In Moses Lake, SGL and BMW Group have built the largest and most modern heavy tow carbon fiber plant in the world. The plant, with its state-of-the-art technology, became an integral part of SGL Group’s global production network now also supplying other customers in various industries. Muir of Ord is the well-established and highly flexible competence center for carbon fibers in Europe where SGL produces a particular broad range of products and materials from heavy tow via oxidized fibers to short cut fibers.


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