Silicon Carbide Foam: Extreme Performance in a Lightweight Form

This combination of properties is highly valued in a range of industries, in­ cluding aerospace, defence and semicon­ductor manufacturing. The matrix of cells and ligaments of SiC foam is completely repeatable, regular and uniform throughout the mater­ial, yielding a rigid, highly porous and per­meable structure with a controlled density of metal per unit volume. Characteristics of SiC foam include: exceptional hardness (Mohs 9) and per­formance – outstanding resistance to scratches, wear and corrosion; structural stability at high temperatures – can operate up to 2200 °C; high thermal and electrical conductivity; low thermal expansion – excellent ther­mal shock properties; high surface area-to-volume ratio – very lightweight; low flow resistance – high filtration efficiency. In applications, advantages derive from both the properties of SiC and the porosity/high surface area of the foam structure: high-temperature filters, rocket nozzles, heat shielding elements, heat exchangers, gas diffusers, porous electrodes and ab­sorbers of electromagnetic radiation. SiC foam is available from Goodfellow stock in a standard pore size of 24 pores per centimetre (60 ppi), with a bulk density of 0,29 g/cm–3, a porosity of 91 % and a thick­ ness of 10 mm. However, other porosities, densities and dimensions may be available upon request.


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