Textile industry


The starting materials for textiles are fibres of natural or synthetic origin. The finished textile products, which can be assigned to the three categories of clothing, homewares and technical applications, can also be made of a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres.

To assure constant fibre quality, it is essential to implement appropriate quality controls, especially before the processing of natural fibres like cotton. In this context, the focus is on the dielectric properties of dense-sintered oxide ceramic materials in combination with their high wear resistance as by means of appropriate coating and material-to-material joining processes these enable the production of capacitors capable of monitoring the consistency of fibre quality on the basis of an electrical signal.

The traditional area of application for oxide ceramic materials are machine components in positions subject to high wear. Especially synthetic fibres exhibit wear behaviour that components made of metallic materials cannot adequately withstand for any long time in operation.

The material that has proven effective for decades in different processing stages of textile production is densely sintered Al2O3 ceramic. With the optimum adjustment of the chemical composition, the ceramic microstructure and the topography of the component in the area of thread contact, with guide elements, for example, long service lifetimes combined with gentle handling of the threads and accordingly economic operation over long machine running times can be achieved. This economic aspect is also the reason for the increasing use of ZrO2 ceramic for cutting tools.

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