The Versatility of Glass-Ceramics – a Catalyst for Industry and Product Design

NEXTREMA® glass-ceramics have shown their versatility in providing plenty of room for creativity and what can be realized when working with it. For example, using the robust material for infrared heating units for outdoor areas in restaurants or for private terraces. “For product development and process optimization, we collaborate with companies from a number of industries such as chemical, mechanical engineering, and consumer electronics,” notes Roberto Perez Castro, Head of Product Management NEXTREMA®. “We have recently launched a great campaign to create awareness for this fascinating all-round talent and stimulate thoughts of Engineers and Product Designers alike to think of glass-ceramic not just as a brittle or fragile material – because it’s not.”

Without a doubt, the special properties of what SCHOTT calls its “next extreme material” go a long way in explaining the reasons behind its success. NEXTREMA® has been developed to withstand temperatures up to 950 °C not to mention rapid temperature changes of up to 820 °C. Glass-ceramic is ideal when used as a viewing window in gas grills or as a cover for gas burners, but also in different industrial applications, for example as carrier plate, viewing window, heater cover, or additional insulation layer. Yet, the high-tech material also has a smooth, non-porous surface, which allows for the development of multi-functional concepts across industries and applications. “Because we place a great deal of value in allowing the highest level of design freedom possible, we offer NEXTREMA® in six material options: from transparent or translucent white, to translucent bluegrey or tinted or even opaque white or grey,” explains Roberto Perez Castro.


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