Water-Based Tape Casting Process: An Environmentally Friendly Process for Mass Production of Ceramic Substrates for Electronic Applications*

SEDAL has been involved for the last years in the optimisation of the water-based tape casting process to produce high-quality ceramic substrates for electronic applications. Water-based tape casting is a lowcost and especially an environmentally friendly process. But its main difficulty relies on the drying conditions and controlling the thickness of the tapes obtained, among others. Therefore, its mass production is a difficult task for the ceramic substrate’s industry and the main reason for which the organic-solvent-based tape casting process predominates, even its complex installations, high cost and harmful effect on the environment. SEDAL optimised the water-based process for different thicknesses of alumina 96 substrates for mass production in the range 0,3–1 mm. The company can produce high-quality ceramic substrates that accomplish state-of-the-art standards required by electronic applications. Some results of SEDAL’s ceramic substrates obtained in the mass production using the water-based tape casting process are shown.


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